Republicans can NEVER win a shutdown fight

Trump was blamed for the shutdown.  The reality is that whoever loses in a shutdown was really the cause.  The shutdown only continued because they didn’t cave yet.  The folks over at fivethirtyeight have suggested that Trump’s Rose Garden speech was really Trump taking the opportunity to announce that the end was his choice rather than his hand being forced by Republican Senators.  That is, they were about to work with Democrats to pass legislation funding the government and force Trump to veto a bi-partisan bill.  That strikes me as well within the realm of possibility.  But why do Republicans always lose these fights?

A government shutdown puts no pain on any Congressman or Senator.  The people who are hurt first and foremost are government workers who miss paychecks.  The next group that nearly got hurt was those on foodstamps.  The Republicans may very well look at this and say “well, they aren’t my voters, and don’t even live in my district, so what do I care?”  However, in the end all the Senators, all the Congressmen know that people will get evicted and eventually children will go hungry.  One party cares about people and one doesn’t.  One party cares so little that they believe that the decision on whether to allow a baby to live should be made by a mother after she leaves the hospital with a live baby in hand! You see, a substantial group of Democrats don’t care if people are hurt.  They don’t even care if people die.  As long as Republicans value life there are certain fights they will lose.  Trump will not get his wall funded by congress.  If he wants a wall he must go about it a different way.  This will probably look like reinterpreting certain portions of the law to allow him to upgrade existing barriers to walls and redirect DHS dollars to building the wall.  The Navy would then take over certain duties performed by the Coast Guard thereby allowing DHS dollars to be freed up.

If that happens then the push to get landowners to sell land and install barriers would be downgraded from installing a wall to installing simple vehicle barricades which could then be upgraded.  As far as the wall is concerned, yes start in Texas.  Also, allow Texas to take on the task funded with DHS dollars.  That is, outsource some of the DHS functions to Texas who could then use the dollars at their discretion including erecting physical barriers.  Allow the same in Arizona.  If you have secured the border in Texas and Arizona, and upgraded the portions of fencing that are in California right now you get really stinking close to Trump’s original wall.  Additionally, a California court cannot invoke a national injunction against something happening by the state of Texas within its own borders.