Alfred's take on Trump

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Trump is not actively building out a campaign.  Trump is not actively fundraising.  Trump is not actively discussing why he would be a better president than Hillary.  In short, Trump is not actively campaigning for President.

However, he is repeatedly attacking Republicans.  Over and over he talks about how Republicans are basically trash.  This has clearly increased resentment towards Trump within the Republican party.  However, Trump is not actively organizing his delegates, and is not actively attempting to negotiate rules to guarantee his nomination.  Instead he floats a pro-choice democrat as a potential running mate further alienating delegates.  In short, Trump is seeking a convention fight.  When that fight occurs Trump will be in the position where he has not successfully filled slates of delegates so that he is basically guaranteed to lose the nomination fight.

Trump has repeatedly provoked people at his campaigns.  For his security he is getting his most loyal supporters, White Supremacists.  At the same time he has repeatedly egged on the BLM movement, a group expected to protest at the RNC in droves.

So, next week Black Lives Matter will be protesting at the same time that the KKK is providing “security.”  With tensions high Trump will be rejected as the nominee since he has sought a fight that he has studiously set himself up to lose.

Trump will then walk away from the smoldering wreckage that is Cleveland, and the wreckage that is the Republican party with a “brand” that has increased in value at the cost of a couple million dollar loan that will be owned to some sub-company of his that will immediately file bankruptcy.  What do you think the chances are that after the nomination is “stolen” from him that he will complain about how “unfair” the process is and go on to endorse Hillary?