Attention Republican Officeholders: Trump will betray you

There are many prominent Republicans who may or may not want Trump to be the nominee, but are supportive of him nonetheless.  This may be from a respect of the “will of the voters,” it may be from a disdain for ultra-conservatives like Ted Cruz, or it may be from a view towards furthering their own career.  You will be betrayed.  You are like Trump’s first two wives, or like his third wife that he enjoyed sitting down and watching porn with.  You are like his business partners, like his lawyers, like his campaign manager.  You are even like his other supporters including “Get on the plane and go home” Chris Christie, and “Let’s put the second amendment on the table” Ben Carson.  Donald Trump respects you just as much as he respects the many married women he has slept with, and as much as he respects their husbands.  He will stay as loyal to you as he has remained steadfast to his promise to build the wall, to respect the second amendment, and to fight for life by appointing specific judges (judges whose name he cannot remember).

To put it more bluntly – Trump discards everyone that is no longer useful to him.  Everyone.  He does not value loyalty, but he does punish disloyalty.  As soon as someone else can help him more he will throw you aside as “not very smart.”  I don’t care what positions he may have offered you in any administration, he will not keep those promises.  He has made promises in order to get a temporary alliance, temporary support.  As soon as he needs anybody else at all (i.e. Chuck Schumer) he will hold as fast to his promise as he did to any of his many women.  If you complain you will get the Lewandowski.  If you do not you will get the Christie.  Either way you will be publically humiliated for following Trump.

This is the future of a Trump administration.  If you do not believe it go back and watch a couple episodes of The Apprentice.

P.S. “Trump is different in private”  Of course.  Trump always plays the crowd, always.  If the crowd changes how he plays changes.  Go back though and find a business partner that he stayed true to regardless of circumstances.  Seriously, find one.  He is playing you in private just like he plays everyone else in public.  He says whatever he thinks you want to hear.  Or has there ever been a time where he sat you down in a room and told you a “hard truth?”