This is why we lose within our own party

So there is a big Dump Trump movement going on right now.  There are voices coming from everywhere “Walker” “Perry” “Rubio” “Cruz” “Fiornia” for President/Vice President…

“I would never accept…”

“There is no room for…”

This is what gave us Trump in the first place!  Let’s start off with a couple main observations

  1. Whoever replaces Trump cannot have been an actual Trump supporter.  Otherwise the entire campaign will be eaten up with “But you said you support…”  I don’t care how much you like Jindal, he is out.  Same for Rubio.  Sorry, we are limited to reality here.
  2. Everyone else is fair game.
  3. The Delegates will decide.  There will not be a potential nominee who jumps in, convinces the delegates and names his VP before the convention.  The decision will be made at the convention, and so there will not be time beforehand to actually campaign visibly.
  4. If anyone actually tries to visibly campaign they will be sunk by Trump.
  5. Whoever comes out of any sort of “Dump Trump” movement will be better than Trump.
  6. Cruz has an enormous block of delegates, and is best positioned for a contested convention.  Even if he is not the eventual nominee the nominee will have to be someone acceptable to Cruz supporters.  Mike Lee and Ben Sasse fall into the realm of acceptable choices.

Alright, stop bickering over who should be the replacement nominee, or who should be VP.  If Rubio is VP [unlikely given his “I want to be helpful”] great, if it is Kasich, also good.  I really don’t care as long as whoever it is blocks both Trump and Clinton from 1600 Pennsylvania.  Personally I think Bush is a good choice because he would bring very powerful backers who could raise a lot of money fast, and would be an olive branch to The Establishment.  Would Bush be my first choice?  No, but would a Cruz/Bush ticket be preferred to Trump/Trump?  Absofreakin’lutely.  It is strategic.  Are there other equally good choices?  Likely, but let’s keep in mind that the game now is to block Trump and Hillary, and we CANNOT allow perfect to be the enemy of good.

By the way, if Cruz selects a VP nominee ahead of the convention and plays for delegates Trump will scream bloody murder and get the press.  If one delegate after another simply comes up and says “I cannot in good conscience vote for an endorser of torture as the Commander in Chief,” or “since my state voted Trump has clearly indicated he wishes to paint the party as racist,” or other specific objections then the story changes.

As it is any nominee will have to have written support from a majority of delegates from some threshold number of states.  There is literally only one person capable of stopping Trump that can meet that requirement (granted the requirement may change, but some variant is likely).

We should agree that all the following people as VP are preferred to either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President:

  • Rubio
  • Fiorina
  • Perry
  • Jindal
  • Walker
  • Christie
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Crusty the Clown

Put on your big boy pants, allow the alternative to gel and recognize the VP slot is an easy trade for unity.  The voters hate Hillary, all we have to do is put together a ticket that is better than crooked Hillary (under criminal investigation) to win.