I thought I was a Republican. Guess I was wrong

I thought I was a Republican.

  • I am pro-life
  • I am for federalism
  • I believe in the right of people to their own property
  • I am a supporter of 2nd amendment rights
  • I believe people are born with a given gender that is immutable
  • I believe marriage vows matter
  • I believe torture is wrong
  • I believe people should be allowed to choose what they buy
  • I believe the government should not hand out favors to supporters
  • I believe the law should be enforced in regards to immigration
  • I believe in honesty and integrity

For all these reasons I was under the impression that I am a Republican.  Turns out I am not.  I don’t know where I stand, but if the rule of RedState is Conservative in the Primary and Republican in the General then I guess I am not a RedStater either.  I do have to ask, is there a point where that rule is to be abandoned?