Major Shift in Ohio and Illinois (seriously, 20+ points this month)

The only catch – on the other side.  Head over to RealClearPolitics and check out the polls for the Democratic nomination in Ohio and Illinois over the last month.


  • Clinton +5
  • Clinton +5
  • Clinton +9
  • Clinton +20
  • Clinton +30
  • Clinton +21
  • Clinton +9


  • Clinton +3
  • Sanders +2
  • Clinton +6
  • Clinton +37
  • Clinton +42

If Sanders can win these (and it is highly possible that states that have swung 25 points in two weeks can swing 5 more) then we are going to see Sanders begin to win the *elected* delegate count.  There is going to come a time in the very near future where Clinton is going to be winning in the total delegate count while Sanders will be winning in elected delegates.

You think our election is messy?  Just wait until the Dems have to sort this mess out (at their convention).  Clinton will retain the most total votes and total delegates while Sanders will have won the actual election itself.  The young voters will have been overridden and ticked off when Clinton comes out of the convention with the nomination and an overruled FBI indictment.  When Clinton and Sanders fail there will be no “next-generation” of Dems to pick up the pieces of their shattered party.  By the way, the Union/Liberal/Minority team is coming apart at the seams.  The Republicans are battling a hostile takeover, the Dems are fighting an actual internal dissonance.  You cannot be both for minorities and for the teachers unions.  You cannot be both for EPA and for Labor Unions. The democrats are going to lose the “working class” while trying to appeal to the “non-working class.”