Rubio: You cannot win. Are you Christie, Carson, or Perry?

Marco Rubio began February with $5.1M in the bank.  Rubio began January with $10.4M in the bank.  Extrapolating (which is risky) would put him just about dead broke now.  In all fairness we should expect that he raised more money in February than in January.  However, we should also note that there were elections to run all through February, and then the more expensive ones in March.  My suspicion is that the big donors after Jeb! decided to wait and see what happened before throwing good money after bad.  This means Rubio! is probably out of money.  Many this cycle have had to end their campaigns.  There are a few broad categories:

Classy: Perry, Walker

This category recognized the futility of their campaign and suspended at the right time and made a call to the remaining candidates to coalesce for the good of the party, and for the good of the nation.

Pathetic: Carson, Santorum, Huckabee

This category includes those who stuck around far past when their candidacy was obviously no longer viable.  It serves as an embarrassment to them.

Christie: Christie (a category all his own)

Chris Christie was obviously a failed candidate, yet his closing act out the door was to humiliate somebody else.  Kind of like trailing a stink bomb while being escorted out of a room by security.

In Closing

There are obviously others like Jeb who straddled two categories, but these are the main outlines.  Rubio, you know that you will lose in Florida.  You know that even if you win Florida you are dead broke and cannot continue the campaign.  You know that even if you win Florida and Janet Yellen were to use the Fed to fund your campaign you still could not win sufficient delegates to contest the nomination.  If you are telling the truth when you say none of your advisers have spoken with you about suspending your campaign you need new advisers.  Your campaign ended on Tuesday, and how you respond will determine whether you are thought of like Perry, Carson, or Christie.