Rubio's Path to the White House

At the outset:  Go CRUZ!!  In case any are curious I am a candibot – full disclosure.

Rubio I believe no longer has a viable path to the nomination this cycle.  Between now and next Tuesday he will lose another 5 contests, and on Tuesday he will lose another 4 making him 2 and 27.  That is assuming he wins Florida.  The only pathway he has is to run all the way to a contested convention and then convince Cruz surrogates to vote for him rather than Cruz convincing Rubio surrogates to change their votes.  That is unlikely.

However, the last two debates have devestated Trump.  So, here is Rubio’s path to the White House:

  1. Remain in the race until the CNN Salem Debate and continue to crush Trump
  2. Withdraw to support Cruz
  3. Cruz immediately (i.e. same press conference) names Rubio as his running mate
  4. Rubio becomes VP in January 2017
  5. As VP Rubio runs for Governor of Florida in 2018 and wins
  6. Rubio wins reelection in 2022
  7. Rubio runs for President in 2024 as a Governor, former Senator, and former VP (can’t get a stronger resume than that)

I believe that whoever the Republican nominee is will win against a woman under FBI investigation.  This also allows Rubio to build a bigger donor network and to inherit Cruz campaign architecture.  It really is Rubio’s best path forward.

I just regret that Rubio clearly realized this before me (as seen on Thursday).

Let me also stipulate this about the Presidential debates this fall.  For the love of this nation DEMAND that the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates both be present.  For goodness sake, have Cruz and Rubio tag teaming whatever imbeciles the Democrats choose to take them on.  I don’t care what you have to give up in order to achieve it, but have 4 people on stage.  Clinton & Sanders vs Cruz & Rubio.