A Cruz Supporter Disagreeing with Cruz

Obviously from the last few diaries I wrote I am a “candibot” for Cruz.  Here is an area I disagree with him though.  In the current Apple/FBI scuffle Cruz says that Apple should work with the FBI in retrieving the data from a recovered iPhone, and learn to get past their distrust of the Federal Government.  A refusal is tantamount to defying a search warrant.  Let me just say that some of our founding fathers would disagree.

A search warrant is to search for something.  The FBI is not saying they need to search through Apple’s files for something that exists, the FBI is demanding that Apple make a product that Apple has moral qualms about making.  In all fairness, this is the same as coercing someone to perform a gay marriage.  You are demanding that an unwilling participant be involved in an activity they consider wrong at the deepest level.  I believe this would set a dangerous precedent where anything the government wants they can go issue a “search warrant” and require (by force of law) any private actors to make it.  I have no reason to believe this new found power would not be abused by future executives and I believe that it is entirely out of step with the foundations of our nation.

However, that said I could still vote for Cruz.

About Rubio now – I personally am a bit of a squish on immigration.  I do not feel strongly about H1B visas and I honestly go back and forth on amnesty.  I have no personal qualms with touchback amnesty, and I am not too familiar on what exactly was in the Gang of 8 bill.  I really don’t have a problem with Rubio on any of the immigration history, and could easily vote for him even if I did (same way I can vote for Cruz even though I disagree with him).  Here is my problem – Rubio presented himself as an anti-immigration candidate in Florida.  Once in office he did the exact opposite.  I would be okay with any of the following:

  • Tell your voters you were persuaded by experts that this really is the best for the nation, and then say the experts were wrong
  • Tell your voters that after visiting children brought here your views have changed and you think adapting our system to allow infants brought here illegally to stay is the right thing to do
  • Point to specific poison pills you put in the bill to stop it (rather than take credit for the work the House did)
  • State you were deceived by McCain and Schumer who changed the bill behind your back and vow it will never happen again
  • Say that you were convinced by the Republican leadership that it would be good for the party and bring into the Conservative movement many who share our moral values.  You have learned that such guidance is not to be trusted – the voice of the people is more important than the voice of the majority leader

What I am not okay with is that your position obviously and publicly changed and then you deny that ever happened.  I am frankly okay with you calling Cruz a liar and running negative attack ads.  This October our nominee will have to do that.  Our nominee will have to stall Sanders or Clinton – show us what you have.  What I am not okay with is you denying public history.