A Tale of two Campaign Ads: Cruz 1, Trump 0

I keeping with the newer standards I am not embedding the videos, but adding links.

Donad Trump attacks Ted Cruz

Typical political attack ad aimed at stating the worst about the other candidate.  You have seen a hundred of them, and this one is exactly the same.  Looks like Trump decided to do a traditional media push

Ted Cruz trolls Donald Trump

Easily the best political ad I have ever seen.  Probably in the top five actual ads I have ever seen.  Absolutely hilarious and hits every note in the attack.  Most especially hits on how childish Trump is without an ominous overtone “Do we really want a president who is so childish.”

The difference is amazing.  When you watch these two you really have to ask yourself:  Is Cruz’ ad more likely to dissuade Trump’s supporters, or is Trump’s ad more likely to dissuade Cruz’ supporters.  Also ask: Which team do I want putting together ads in October?