Rubio and Carson: Only you can prevent Trump

To Marco Rubio and Ben Carson:

I believe you sincerely love this nation and want what is good for it.  In 10 days there is going to be an election in Iowa, followed by one in New Hampshire a week later, and then in South Carolina.  If Trump wins both Iowa and New Hampshire then he will win South Carolina and there is a good chance he will become our President.  If he is not then either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will become president.  No matter what your own preference for president might be, we are limited to reality.

However, if Ted Cruz wins in Iowa, comes a close second in New Hampshire and wins South Carolina then we will not end up with a president who hates our country.  There is no chance that anyone other than Cruz or Trump wins Iowa or New Hampshire, and it is exceedingly doubtful that anyone other than those two wins South Carolina.  The party “establishment” has dumped both of you for Trump assuming they can make “deals” with him.  I can only imagine the deals that will be cut, but one thing I do know is that they will not be good for the American people.

I do ask that you sit down consider what cards reality is playing, and ask yourself what level of risk you are willing to accept.  If you love our nation and the options truly are Trump, Cruz, Sanders, or Clinton who do you believe will do the least to damage our country?  I understand that Santorum surged very late last year.  If there are no polls showing your close near the election please consider Cruz as an alternative.  Regardless of who you may or may not personally like, who do you believe will inflict the least amount of damage on our citizens?

Thank you