The right way to use "New York Values" Updated:Trump on Iowa

So, I agree that Cruz got the short end of the stick over the NY values.  Some of the other writers might be right and Cruz should simply drop that attack.  However there is a way for him to use it.  Imagine it being instead NY juxtaposed with America at large

There are certain values that are a part of America, hard work, resiliency, overcoming difficulties, and these are without question on display every day in New York.  However, you also have another set of values where thousands of children are aborted every day and the elite just don’t care, where billionaires can use eminent domain to seize your house and turn it into a parking lot for limos, where the Mayor thinks it is the government’s job to make your decisions for you all the way to what size drink you should have at McDonalds, and when the rich look down on everyone else thinking people are to be manipulated, not served.  Those are the values that I think are unbecoming of a president.

Now, in all fairness it may be too late to use this, but that is how it should be done.  Praise everything praiseworthy as American, lob the rest at Trump.  Also take Bernie’s wind away from him.  Cruz really should have had that prepped last night before the debate.  The 9-11 response was telegraphed by Trump in advance.


*** Update

So reflecting on this a little more – there are quite a few people with panties in a wad about this, including the Post.  Interestingly (at least on this board) they seem to be mostly Trump supporters.  I am just thinking back a little bit at the Trump tweet on Monsanto and when Trump asked if people in Iowa were stupid for believing Carson.  If you aren’t going to disqualify Trump entirely over his Monsanto comment then you really do need to move on.  Otherwise you better jump to Bush because you can be sure he will never say anything that might offend anyone.

Cruz: Tells it like it is.