I admit it - I am scared of Trump

With Trump we have a few very real possibilities if he wins the nomination

  1. He wins the election and governs as a conservative winning fight after fight and moving the Republican party from moderate to conservative
  2. He loses the general election and we end up with either Hillary or Bernie as president while ISIS continues to gain strength and Iran works on their bomb
  3. He wins the election, displays incompetence in office and the nation and the world descend into chaos
  4. He wins the election and governs as a liberal

Personally I think 1 is the least likely scenario.  Trump has displayed one and only one deep seated conviction (I am being fair and honest here): I believe that Trump has a passion for out vets and would work to improve how vets are perceived in society and how they are treated through VA and other areas.  I genuinely believe this.  Frankly if another candidate (looking your way Cruz) were to openly adopt that position with fervor I honestly believe that Trump’s interest in the presidency would evaporate.  However, outside that one conviction Trump has no allegiance to 1) Right to life 2) Private property rights 3) Equal treatment under the law 4) Separation of powers 5) Limitations on Executive Authority.  I could go on, but that really is enough.  I can see Trump loosing to Bernie, I can see Trump avoiding fights in things he is not interested in (babies lives), and I can see him intentionally alienating the country from Republicans in general.  I can see him nominating Laurence Tribe to the Supreme Court.  What I cannot see is Trump fighting to restrain his own power once in office.  Trump will likely either incompetently lead the US through a mid-east meltdown, lose to Sanders, or completely destroy the conservative movement within the Republican party.

To the Cruz campaign, I think you should bring back an argument you have pushed before, but make it more pointed:

Over and over again Conservatives have believed candidates who promise to lead, promise to fight for us only to see those candidates betray us once in office, choosing their friends in Washington over their voters.  There is a caucus/primary coming up on [fill in date] in which you will be able to choose who leads this great nation.  When you are there consider all the people who have misrepresnted themselves promising one thing and delivering the opposite, and ask “which of these candidates has made a promise and kept it, even when it was hard.”  Who is worthy of your trust, who has integrity, and who represents your values?

SuperPACs could do something more similar but ask “Do you trust this man?  Why?  When has he stuck with his convictions even when it was hard? Is he a conservative, or does he just play one on TV?”

Feel free to splice clips of Trump contradicting himself, audio of him attacking Hillary combined with pictures of them at parties together, audio of Trump talking about blocking Muslim immigrants overlaid with him posing with people in traditional Muslim outfits..  Trump is a charlatan.  I know the tone is more negative than you want, but at this point I really do think it is necessary to display him as an opportunist, liar, and user.