A plea to Dr. Carson

Dr. Carson,

I believe you are a man of deep character and a man who will meet his commitments.  You did not necessarily want to run for President, but ran largely because you were convinced that the nation needs a man of character leading it.  You have millions of supporters who long to vote for you, and I am sure that leaving the race before the first votes are even cast would feel like a betrayal to your many supporters.

However, you also have a commitment to those same supporters to help them find the best leader they can.  You are an intelligent man and I am sure that you have looked back at the last several cycles and noticed that no person whose support rose quickly and then fell quickly was able to rebound again.  I am sure that you are aware that the electorate has considered your candidacy, agreed you are a man of great integrity, but not necessarily who they want for president.  At this point I do not believe (and I doubt you believe either) that you will be in the oval office next year.  However, you certainly have the position to affect who will be the Republican nominee, and likely who will be president.  It is highly likely that either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump will win in Iowa, and that Donald Trump will win New Hampshire with second place going to Rubio, Christie, Cruz, or Kasich.  At that point it is almost certain the nominee will be either Cruz, Trump, or whoever comes in second in New Hampshire.

You have significant moral authority with your supporters, and those who are with you respect your opinion.  I am of the opinion that were you to exit the race before Iowa with a press report stating “I believe that among the remaining candidates [your preference here] has the most integrity, the highest commitment to doing right no matter the cost, and will most consistently lead this great nation in a manner that reflects truth, grace, humility, and justice…”  then that man would win the nomination.  Your supporters would hand him likely first place in Iowa and second in New Hampshire either completing the race or narrowing it to two candidates by the time South Carolina votes.

So you have two conflicting commitments right now: 1) give your supporters the opportunity to vote for you 2) see that this nation is led by someone of great moral character.  I do not believe it is possible for you to do both.

My request is that you humbly and prayerfully consider which commitment carries more weight.