The phrase that will sink Trump

So, I am enjoying this primary season.  We have a few more meaningful debates coming up soon, and Trump is doing a very nice job of cleaning up the field sending most of the candidates into the dustbin of history.  Keep in mind that in June this was a 17 man field.  Although some have dropped out there are still 12 serious condenders (I think, I have been away a while and that number includes Gilmore but excludes Pataki and Graham).  However, most of those candidates are not doing well.  The dynamics of the race have changed substantially over the last couple months dwindling down to 6 potential candidates (Trump, Carson, Fiornia, Bush, Rubio, and Cruz).  Then slowly a couple collapsed and it was down to four after the last debate (Trump, Carson, Rubio, and Cruz).  Well, since that time Carson has cratered while Rubio held steady and Trump and Cruz rose.  All fun and interesting.  If the next month proceeds like the last (which hasn’t happened a single time this year) then near the end of January we will have Trump and Cruz near the top of the field, and Rubio waiting in the wings.

Recall that Trump says fantastical things that are factually absurd.

With the field honestly cleared out and just a couple people on the debate stage I am imagining something like the following:

“I really like Donald Trump, but in this particular case he just doesn’t know what he is talking about, and so his solution will hurt more people than it helps.  This is why it is important to have an informed President.  Who in the audience has a good data connection right now?  You, could you google [whatever the absurdity is].  {Now fill a little time, hopefully by saying what is actually true} {look at volunteer} You got it?  Can I borrow your phone?”

What this does is eviscerate Trump on a particular subject on live television in a way that brings ordinary people into the discussion.  Everyone is involved in fact-checking, it is not just one politician responding to another, or one media personality responding to a politician.  Everyone with a phone is brought into the process of checking whether the candidate is full of it.  It is also cordial and not particularly disrespectful.  It also only bring up the actual evidence rather than simple assertions or accusations.

One single instance of this would demolish Trump’s credibility on everything since his opponent from there through the rest of the race can now freely say “well, that’s just not true.”  It also destroys the “he wins every time” illusion.  The fantastic thing about this is that Trump spouts off nonsense by nature, so this could be used pretty much any time.  Also, Trump is uninformed on many topics right now, and cannot possibly become informed in the next two weeks, so even if you telegraph the move he cannot possibly build enough knowledge to avoid it.

The real question is: Should this be done with 12 active candidates, 3-4 viable, or should it wait until there are something like 7 active candidates 2 viable?

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