Cruz readies for fight with Trump

So, apparently there is leaked audio in which Cruz questions whether Carson and Trump have sufficient judgment to be in charge of our nuclear arsenal.


This was at a fundraiser this week.  Like him or hate him pretty much everyone agrees that Cruz has impeccable self-control and very high intelligence.  Cruz will not have forgotten the 47% line, or clinging to guns and religion, and more recently “look at that face”.  This cycle it is well known that anything said out loud is said in public.  There is no possible way that Cruz let this slip on accident.  Which leaves the other option that it is on purpose.  Cruz is a debater and knows that he must address not the other debaters, but the judges.  Who are those judges?  Republican primary voters.  Notice that voters are the target of Cruz’ comment, not Trump, not media outlets, not donors, but rather the voters.  This one comment drives to the top concern the primary voters have of Trump.

Now let’s think about timing…

This is December 11th.  The comments were made sometime earlier this week.  Trump has a major event planned Friday and will probably “respond in full” at that event leaving the weekend and two days before the 15th for the media to get the vapors about a breakdown in Cruz/Trump.  Trump can’t help himself, he will respond, this is like waving a cape in front of a bull.  Then the 15th a funny thing happens – the last debate for a month.  A debate that will have center stage Cruz and Trump and Cruz has already seeded the question of whether the candidates have sound judgment.  Media will be all aflutter about the rivalry, and since they are ratings sluts will ride that for all its worth jumping from Trump to Cruz  just as much as they can ignoring the other candidates as much as possible.  How will that debate format work for the two involved?  What will the post-debate talk be?  How will people be thinking for the next month until the next debate?  Voters (again his intended target) will be asking themselves as they tune “whose judgment do I trust” and Trump and Cruz will have the most air time as voters consider the question.  The question will be answered in a debate format, and then voters will have a month to mull the question before they really tune in again.

Trump can either not respond (losing his “tough guy” image) or respond like a bull to a cape.  Funny thing about that though, it doesn’t always work out well for the bull.  Trump has already agreed to go off the rails in response to Cruz, and the media has already agreed to focus on this.  We will go into the debate with a rational question of Trump’s judgment and Trump will have blown his lid in response with CNN dutifully covering the entire episode.

Cruz is a freaking genius.