An honest to goodness change in the primary race

So I think you might have heard that the top two republican candidates are Donald Trump and Ben Carson and that this is an outsider’s election.  This has been the case both nationally and in the early states for months.  Well, wait no longer, there is a real update.  In New Hampshire the Realclearpolitics average has Carson and Rubio tied for second (technically they are also tied for third).  This means that for the first time since September there is a second place candidate who has actually served in office for something ever.

Not sure how long it will last, but remember that for months people who follow politics have been saying that it is highly unlikely that the nominee will have zero legislative or executive experience, that Carson Trump and Fiornia will fade.  Well, Fiorina has, and Carson is.  What remains to be seen is what happens when two men who made a splash by fighting tooth and nail against progressive Republicans who were massively ahead of them begin to fight for the nomination.

* Also, given the second quarter fundraising, cash on hand, and spending reports expect some major breaking news from the Paul campaign in the near future.