Thank you John Boehner

In all honesty I don’t know if it was on purpose or not, but [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] just just handed Washington Conservatives the gift of a lifetime.  The budget deal he just reached united our candidates, Rubio, Cruz, and Paul have come out forcefully against the deal.  This comes the day of the debate allowing those who are prepared to shine a spotlight on those who are not.  The donors and establishment Republicans are shocked at the spending and will soon be asking who can be trusted to lead and not come out with this sort of crap.  Ryan will be able to smash the deal showing his commitment to conservatives and demonstrating what is possible with a united Republican majority under a conservative leader.  A new speaker right before the debt ceiling is reached gives enormous uncertainty to the White House.  I could easily imagine Ryan passing (the night of) a bill that raises the debt ceiling while also expanding the sequester, attached to a Continuing Resolution defunding planned parenthood.  All of that would land on Obama’s desk and it would be entirely on his plate whether the debt ceiling is breached or not.  He vetoes it then pass it again but with the minor compromise of continuing the sequester at current levels instead of a cut.

Granted, that may not be what Boehner planned, or it might be.  It may not be how it plays out, but it is possible.  Sometimes sports analogies are apt.  Drawing from volleyball… Boehner has done a perfect set.  I sure do want to see Ryan spike the ball and shove it right down Obama’s throat.

“We passed a bill that meets every one of our obligations and pays all of our debts with the condition that none of the dollars we are borrowing from the next generation go to Planned Parenthood, whose mission is to prevent the next generation from even being born.  The president believes it is more important to pay people who murder babies for a living than to pay our debts.  We cannot in good conscience trade the lives of babies for the pockets of hedge fund managers.  If we must choose between those two we will choose the most vulnerable over the most powerful, the weak over the strong, the poor over the rich.  We will no longer pay to end lives.  If the president chooses to sacrifice the full faith and credit of the government because we will not pay for the murder of children so be it.”

By the way, have premies at the release.  Take no questions from the press.