Please convince me on Trump: Open Thread

I can give reasons for my support of Cruz:

  • His behavior as a Senator was consistent with what he said he would do in the Senate
  • He is willing to disagree with both Democrats and Republicans
  • He would rather see the government shut down than continue to pay people who kill babies for a living
  • He has the background and knowledge to appoint good justices
  • He would be willing to dismantle the bureaucracy that oozes out from DC

I cannot imagine myself being convinced that there is a better candidate currently running.  That said, I am of course open to being proven wrong.  I am completely open to voting for Rubio.  Reason?  He is probably roughly as conservative as Reagan, and that is a pretty good standard to meet.  He has changed his positions, but truthfully acknowledges a change in position.  I do not believe he lied on immigration, but rather that he was convinced that a different pathway was best for the nation.  I prefer Cruz, but Rubio would be far and away better than Kasich, Bush, Sanders, or Clinton.  The number 1 and 2 candidates right now are Carson and Trump.  I have the following reservations:

  • Carson:  When his advisers tell him that without giving $1T in federally backed loans to Wall Street corporations the entire nation will fail, will Carson tell them no?
  • Carson: How has he demonstrated a sufficient knowledge of foreign affairs to justify him becoming leader of the free world?
  • Trump: Trump reguarly contradicts himself within a matter of days.  This is a hallmark feature of habitual liars.  Why should I believe anything he has ever said?
  • Trump:  Trump generates his support by deriding opponents and saying every inflammatory thing that crosses his mind.  How will this play out in regards to Russia, China, and North Korea?  Will Trump inadvertently cause North Korea to invade South Korea?  “Kim Jong Un whining about invasion again.  Let’s see if he ever has the guts to follow through. #loser”

These are my reservations.  Are any of them unfounded?  If so, how can I be convinced that Trump is trustworthy, or will restrain himself when trolled by Putin?  If not, why would it not matter that Carson is painfully unaware of foreign policy?

Carson is a good guy.  Trump is a great entertainer.  I don’t understand why either one is prepared to serve as Commander in Chief.  Please tell me.

Open Thread