Donald Trump: Fighting for ISIS is fine

Taken from The Blaze (so take it for what its worth).  Donald Trump apparently thinks that the Federal Government should look into individual Mosques, check how far out there the ideology is, and shut down some of them.  I imagine the mayor of San Francisco would agree, but replace “Mosque” with “Church.”  Also:

Trump added, “I think it’s incredible that somebody can come from this country … and go out and fight for ISIS and then come back into our country. If they want to fight for ISIS, I think that’s fine — they’re not coming back into our country if I become president.”

I am not sure I would say that going out and fighting for ISIS is fine.  Leon asked what Trump could say that would lose support.  Does using executive authority to revoke not merely the freedom of religion but also the freedom of worship pass that test?  Does counting fighting for our enemies “fine” pass the bar?