Reaching out to the Black Community

An article by Jason Riley got me thinking about outreach.  I personally believe that conservatives have the best solutions for the nation, all of the nation, including African Americans.  Thinking about how to present it, I may be wrong and this may not resonate with anyone anywhere, but if any of our candidates wants it here you go.


Thank you for having me here today.  I want to talk to you today about broken promises and a vision for the future.  There have been many candidates who have sought your vote promising to fix things for you, promising to promote your interests, promising to improve your jobs, promising to help make ends meet.  There have been so many who promised this then went to Washington and broke their promises.  There have been promising this for decades, but all there is to show is broken promises, broken homes, broken schools, broken cities, and broken dreams.

They promise to control guns, but the violence in Chicago, in Detroit, in St. Louis, in Philadelphia, in Baltimore, and so many of our cities only seems to be getting worse.  Tougher gun laws seem to be doing nothing about gangs who openly flaunt any law that is passed and only make it more difficult to defend yourselves.  I firmly believe that every American should be allowed to defend themselves whether from the Klan of previous generations, or from gangs today.  If a thief breaks into your house you should be able to keep your children safe and not have to wait on the police to show up.  If an angry ex-boyfriend breaks down your door you shouldn’t have to hope he waits for 911 to respond.  The less safe the city the more critical it is to be able to defend yourself and your family.

They have promised to improve the schools, but how many of our schools are failing to educate our children?  The teachers unions demand that we continue to put our children in their classrooms and that only the rich should be allowed to seek better opportunities.  I firmly believe that every parent should be allowed to enroll their children in the school of their choice.  I believe that unionized schools should have to demonstrate to parents that the school is a faithful steward of what is most valuable to us, our children’s minds.  I believe that if the government has dedicated money to educating your child then you as a parent should be allowed to decide which school receives that money in return for education, not some union rep who has never even met your kids.  I believe that better schools should not be restricted only to parents who can afford to buy houses in more expensive neighborhoods.

They have promised jobs, but where are the jobs?  They say unemployment is low, and that job openings are plenty, but that doesn’t look like truth from where I sit.  To me it looks like there aren’t enough jobs, and the jobs that are open aren’t what you need to support a family.  Many have promised to force employers to pay more, but how many businesses have you seen close, and how many were closed by all these rules forced by Washington?  I believe that people should be free to open a business with as little involvement from Washington as possible.  I believe that if we stopped demanding everything of anyone who wants to hire then more will be able to hire.

They say they want to make life a little easier, but try to raise your taxes, the cost of gas, and your electric bill.  I think that if you got to keep your own money that would make life easier.  I think if they weren’t charging you more gas to build extra bridges in Alaska and to send extra money to tiny airports in Pennsylvania life would be easier.  I think if they didn’t raise your electric bill in order to hand money over to their friends at Solyndra life would be easier.  Every time they say they want to make your life easier you should watch your wallet, because you know who pays for life to be easier?  Anyone the government can take money from.

I firmly believe that everyone in this room is competent, capable, and intelligent.  I believe everyone in your community should be allowed to seek the school of your choice, and if the school fails you should be allowed to go somewhere else. I believe you should be able to hire whoever you want, work for whoever you want, start a business without the IRS, EPA, and 22 other agencies demanding you fill out their forms and demand to know how much carbon your job will emit.  I think you should have safer neighborhoods where criminals go to jail and every mother is allowed to defend her children.  Where police have to have a warrant before entering your home, and cannot confiscate property without due process.  In short I believe the people in this room know better than I do what needs fixing and how to do it.  I think everyone in this room can build a better life for yourself than anyone in DC can.  I think every parent in this room knows how best to train up your own children, and that the village in DC should mind their own business.  In short I am not promising to fix anything for you, but to get out of your way and instead of forcing my vision on you let you build your own.

— end

Basically lay out how the conservative vision is better for safety, for education, and for jobs.  Point out how hollow progressive promises have been, and how the progressives are seeking their own benefit based on using our children.  This isn’t a “Republican” argument, but rather a Conservative one.  Obviously this would need expanded, but it is a start.

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