How to win defunding

First, in all steps end the ability of Democrats to filibuster.  Use reconciliation, nuclear option, force them to actually speak for hours on end, or something else, I don’t care.  Just break it.

Step 1 – pass a full CR with a stipulation that no funds go to PP.  This is then vetoed

Step 2 – Pass an AG funding bill (food stamps) including the stipulation and a short term (weeks long) “Clean CR” for the rest of government.  Either Obama vetoes both choosing abortion over food stamps, or he signs both.  Basically the portion that is “clean” has nothing to do with PP, and so should be uncontroversial.  If it is vetoed I don’t think Obama could win the court of public opinion.

Step 3 –  Repeat step 2 except with the funded portion being Defense and Homeland Security.

Continue this way until the only thing left is HHS.  At that point do not pass a “clean” bill.  Then if HHS shuts down PP is defunded.  If HHS continues PP is defunded.

Simple.  Elegant.  Forces the other side to defend vetoing something that has nothing to do with PP.

Reid broke the veto, return the favor.

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