When Taliban morality exceeds Army morality

There are two stories currently in the news about Afghanistan.  The first is about a Green Beret who was removed from a camp in Kunduz and discharged for beating a child rapist.  Personally I think the man showed great restraint in that the rapist ran away.  I personally would not have expected him to be able to walk.

The second story is about how the Taliban has retaken Kunduz.  Of course the reason is Afghani disarray.

I haven’t seen any linkage between the two (both of which happened in the same region), but when our forces are instructed to allow child rape I don’t find it surprising when we lose the battle for hearts and minds.  I imagine if the child rape was forcibly ended (using whatever means necessary) there would not be as much support for the Taliban.

I may be wrong, people do weird things.  I have never served in the forces and so cannot speak from the inside.  But I for one am ashamed that our military leaders kicked out a soldier who was protecting the weak and the innocent.

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