The sickening moral inconsistency of The Left

I could link to articles, but the material is so well known that it isn’t needed.  First Obergefell v. Hodges.  In this case a “fundamental right” was voted on recognized by the Supreme Court to have your sexual deviancy fully recognized and supported by your neighbors.  If they didn’t want to bake you a cake, then take all their money and send them to re-education camps.  Even though there is no law actually requiring this, reinterpret the existing laws to mean that your right to me baking a cake trumps my right not to bake a cake.

Now, this was over the expressed wishes and laws of many states.  That is important – Lawrence v Texas overtunred a law in Texas that explicitly forbade sodomy.  The law was standing and The Left said the law was bad and should be thrown out.  Moral standards are independent of the law, and the law must conform to true moral standards.

Now let’s look at Planned Parenthood…  The basic defense by The Left is that Planned Parenthood has done nothing illegal, and so therefore they have done nothing wrong.  The law allows for abortion centers to “donate” “material” for “research” and recoup “administrative costs.”  (By the way, aren’t administrative costs themselves a moral hazard?  See health insurance companies, but I digress)  The actions were legal and therefore moral.  Moral standards are determined entirely by what is legal.

Does anyone else see the inconsistency?  In order to justify Planned Parenthood’s actions The Left immediately jumps to  equivocating legality with morality.  In order to ensure “marriage equality” (that is equating what is not marriage with what is marriage) they claim that there is a law higher than our laws and our laws must conform with that higher law.

Here is reality: The Left by nature rejects the moral law written by God.  Their end is destruction and their god is their belly.  They will use whatever argument seems appropriate at the moment in order to justify self-serving sexual gratification and to wipe away the consequences.  The laws of moral standards and the laws of logic flow from the nature of the same being, and you cannot have one set of laws without the other.  They reject absolute moral judgments (killing babies is wrong) while forcing absolute moral judgments (homosexuality and marriage are equivalent) on the rest of us.  The end decides which argument is used and the only cost is the lives of babies (literally) and of Christians (figuratively through persecution).  The whole time we are accued of hypocrisy for holding to a single standard.  That standard by the way is as follows:

There is a law higher than the law of men.  That law is grounded in the nature of the creator of the universe.  The creator has revealed Himself generally in the world around us (including moral intuitions), and specifically in the history of Israel and the person of Jesus (as described in the Bible).  True morality conforms to the standard revealed by God, anything else is either morally neutral (which plants belong in your garden) or evil.

The revealed standard includes two pieces:

  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself – and your neighbor is any person formed in the image of God (including those of different social backgrounds and those yet to be born)

There is no other moral standard.

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