Walker's Proposed Amendment - Failure Theater edition

So Scott Walker has called for a constitutional amendment that will specifically delegate to the states the authority to decide the definition of marriage.  As the governor of Wisconsin he has the authority to call for a special session of the legislature with the specific purpose of considering a formal request to amend the constitution.  Yet… nothing.

Here we have a “leader” pandering to the social conservatives with fiery language, but specifically not doing what he is able to do! Does this sound like failure theater to anyone else?  He doesn’t like the King v. Burwell decision?  Fine, then call a special legislative session that proposes an amendment that specifically prohibits the Federal Government from requiring citizens to enter contracts.  He dislikes both?  Propose an amendment that prohibits the Federal Government from regulating legally binding contracts between non-governmental entities (this would cover private purchases of insurance, business licenses, professional licenses, and marriage licenses while not covering governmental contracts).  This would invalidate both King v Burwell and Obamacare.  Notice what is not happening though?  Walker is not doing what he has the authority to actually do.

He is setting up a futile fight that he is not a part of (since he isn’t in congress, and isn’t running for congress) and suggesting something that will never happen (since Democrats would filibuster) rather than moving the fight into his arena (Article V).

In summary, Thank you Scott Walker for trying to make me feel good while doing absolutely nothing.

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