What Boehner should have done

I haven’t read all the recent commentary, so someone else might have already thought of this.  That said, it just struck me what Boehner should have done – brought the bill to the floor over the objections of some in his caucus.  Think about it this way…

  • The Bill is widely popular
  • The bill is especially popular among Republicans
  • His caucus is elected by Republicans
  • Boehner clearly has a problem with his caucus

So, if the caucus is rebelling let them know that he will bring the bill to a floor vote and force them to register their vote.  He will hold a press conference before the vote and name the people objecting and encourage their own constituents to call them.  That would put Ellmers at odds with her own party, the other party, and her constituents.  Why did he cave to radicals in his own party?  That only weakens his position as speaker.

Appear with a 5 year old who was born 22 weeks “To the American voter – we have heard you and I will fight for your interests no matter who I have to stand against.  I will fight for the right of children like [insert name here] to live regardless of who sits in the oval office, regardless of the wishes of Planned Parenthood, and regardless of the objections of some in my own party.  If you think young [insert name here] deserved the right to be born please call [mc_name name=’Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’E000291′ ] at [number] to encourage her to stop defending those who would rather [insert name here] had never been born.  Tell her to get in line with history, with her party, with her voters, and with America.  Let her know that Representatives who refuse to Represent the will of the people can be replaced.”

I mean really, it isn’t that hard.