Honduras vs Iraq

So, the immigration status is making me a bit angry recently.  The great one wants to open the doors to all the children of Latin America and even screen them in Honduras so they can get a direct flight to your hometown and avoid the possibility of death or rape in the Mexican desert.  This is because there is a lot of violence in Honduras (by the way, if we simply annexed the nation of Honduras the problem would be equivalent to the festering ooze of NYC).  However over in Kurdistan people are being crucified.  Not metaphorically, not rhetorically, literally crucified because of their religious convictions.  Apparently the concern for children in Honduras outweighs the concern for children in Iraq because, well… I DON’T KNOW!  I don’t get why it is we want to open the flood gates to those who are seeking a better life, but we can’t effectively deal with true refugees.

The problem facing the Kurds is no different than the problem facing the Jews in 1939 Germany.  If Germany had been posting pictures on Facebook do you think we would have had a moral obligation to act?  If so, what is the difference here when the cost would be so much less to our nation?  Seriously, we don’t have to set up a functional government in Iraq.  The solution is simple:

  1. Recognize the soverign state of Kurdistan
  2. Establish air bases in Kurdistan
  3. Form a public alliance between us and Kurdistan
  4. Shoot anybody who attacks our ally

Doesn’t seem too hard.  The Muslims in Iraq don’t like us, fine.  They want their civil war they can have it.  However, for those who do wish to be our allies and who will share our values and the cost of war, they do not need to be left to the barbarian’s sword.  By the way, they might just sell us oil (or at the very least provide the oil necessary for our bases in the region).

I am sure there is something I am missing, and Streiff is a bit of an expert on foreign policy, I’d love to see what he thinks. But I just don’t get why we are trying to either tie ourselves to the entire nation of Iraq or ignore the whole country.  I also don’t understand why our current president would support bringing people here illegally from one dangerous location (Honduras) but not another (northern Iraq).

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