Dear Republicans: DRAG HIM DOWN

For our Republican leaders. I would like to note that your approval rating is somewhere in the mid 20% range, meaning about half of your own party disapproves of how you are performing. I suggest that a large component of those in your own party disapproving of your performance are members disappointed with your lack of resolve.
I would also like to take this opportunity to point out the Gallup approval numbers for the president: a net -12. This is his worst showing since October 2011 (you know, the last debt fight). Your own approval rating has very limited downward room. However, the President has a lot further he can tumble. He has dropped a net 30 points since his inauguration, and can probably drop another 10 points or so.
Republicans, if you continue this fight and move from 26 to 22% and the president drops from 41 to 31% you have won. If you can win support of the Tea Party you will probably move from 26 to 30% and any drop of the President from 41% will be impossible for the media to hide.
Drag him down. Bite on and let the whole world blame him as you continue offering a host of compromises without budging on ending Obamacare implementation. Refuse to raise the debt ceiling without major budget concessions, and keep the government shut down until Obamacare is cut. His approval is tanking faster than yours. Let the media continue to show veterans blocked at WWII memorials and tourists cut off from Mt. Rushmore.
Drag him down.