What is going on at Rasmussen? [Updated to include more than just Rasmussen]

Anyone else notice Rasumssen’s numbers have been all over the place recently? Normally they have been the more stable polling firm and have leaned R, maybe R+4 compared to the average of other polls. They have been closer to D+2 recently, and between yesterday and today had an Obama +8 swing. They average three days of polls, so that means Obama’s net approval was 24 points higher on Monday than on Friday, but Friday Saturday and Sunday his support was level. A 24 point shift in a single day?

What gives? Have they lost all reliability since Scott Rasmussen left?


So I glanced at the polls today and The Economist/YouGov (typically republican by a couple points) has Obama shifting +11 in less than a week to a tie net approval.  MAYBE this is possible during a shutdown (although it would be surprising).  However, AP (typically a couple points D) has Obama at -16.  Gallup has Obama’s approval moving by 9 points since the beginning of the month, but from what appears to be a noisy high.  Maybe during major events (shutdown) polls are just unreliable?  Perhaps the negative republican views have been incorporated into the polls but blame has not been shifted to NPS (executive branch) yet?