Obama's Frustrated? Go Team!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Obama is frustrated with the shutdown.
Given that he surely assumed Republicans in both the House and Senate would crumple like a wet napkin I am not surprised that he is frustrated. I suspect that he remembers the collective shoulder shrug after a month of the country not falling apart following the sequester. I suspect that he is equally worried something similar will happen now. His biggest concern will have to be if the shutdown lasts more than a month and talent moves from bloodsucking departments (EPA) into productive members of society (fracking companies). It will be interesting to see whether the House holds together as the President is falling apart. He has shown serious weakness repeatedly and is most assuredly willing to compromise if the shutdown lasts a week. The big question is Reid.
*P.S. NIH is not needed to cure children of cancer. GSK does a much better job of health research than NIH. NIH can all go jump in a creek for all I care. FDA can join them since the FDA is more interested in preventing drugs with minor side effects than encouraging promising drugs.