The Amazement that is Senator Cruz

I lived in Texas during Cruz’s campaign for the TX senate seat (you know, the Republican primary). I remember considering Cruz and Dewhurst and wondering which one would be more likely to represent conservatives in DC. The thing is between the two choices you had
1) A man who had been pretty conservative, but obviously loved political power
2) A man that we knew nothing about
It was obviously not an immediately critical decision since we would only be choosing the junior senator, and it would be years (maybe more than a decade) until seniority was built to the point that his opinion made a difference in D.C. At that point Dewhurst would likely be about the same as he had been in Austin, but who could guess where Cruz would have floated to by then? Of course he promised during his campaign to be a staunch conservative, but who believes campaign promises?
I took a gamble and voted for Cruz in the primary since a maybe conservative maybe liberal had at least a better upside than a known semi-conservative. Among the people I spoke with there was a lot of passion, but not a lot of hope.
Not only has he remained conservative (for ~8 months now), but he has used his position to do exactly what he claimed he would do, and far more than anyone would expect of a freshman senator. That is he is doing everything he possibly can to prevent Obamacare from going into effect.
There are those who say “elections have consequences” and point to the “settled law.” However what they don’t get is that Cruz was elected for one reason and one reason only – it was believed that he would do a marginally better job than Dewhurst at preventing Texas from heading down the same path as New York financially. Elections do indeed have consequences and Cruz is one of them.
I wonder if Cornyn is paying attention to his home state, because the Republican base will be swayed by a Senator who clearly works for them.