Michelle Obama will be the next Democratic Candidate

The Democratic party is not interested in electing people of substance and ability. While I do not accuse Hillary of having either I would like to point out that is what she ran on in 2008 against Obama. Instead the Democrats elected based on:
Oratory skills (nice to listen to regardless of what they say)
Good looks
Something new
In short they elected based on qualities that make a good celebrity. Obama had all of these in droves, while Hillary has none. If you look through who has the best celebrity status in the Democratic party it is not a single one of the people I have heard mentioned previously. The winner is:
Michelle Obama
Barack was not selected for a rich history of legislative achievement, he was elected for his ability to inspire. Those who were drawn to his personality are unlikely to get similarly fired up by Cuomo or O’Malley. I do not think there is a greater celebrity in the Democratic party than Michelle.  In addition to out performing the rest of the Democratic field in the above categories, Michelle Obama also has much broader name recognition.
What do you think?

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