Support Amnesty (sort of)

I know that a great many here will adamantly disagree with this post, but I go on with it anyway since I think it is right.
Our culture is descended from John Locke, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and British Common Law. We have what I believe is the best society on the planet, one that values freedom and personal responsibility. One that guarantees equal protection under the law regardless of status or wealth. We have as our moral imperative a belief that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights among which are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many of our ancestors came to this nation because their God-given rights were being crushed by powers in their home country, while others were brought here only to have their God-given rights crushed.

One-hundred fifty years ago we engaged in a great struggle in which one side determined their self-rule could not be overturned by a distant Federal government run by people living in separate states.  The Union was losing this war quite badly until the basis of the war changed from preserving the Union at all costs to determining whether some states had the right to enslave parts of their population.  The war determined conclusively that the right to self-rule ends when the society is unjust.  Hundreds of thousands died in this struggle.  Hundreds of thousands died again to ensure that even foreign nations could not deny the right to life of their own citizens.

More people have come to this nation from Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe and Africa than from any part of the UK, yet we still speak English and carry on the legacy of British law.  This is because the legacy of Shakespeare, Locke, the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, Lincoln and Wilberforce is superior to the legacy of Stalin, Mussolini, Marx, and Hitler.  People still long to come here for the freedom and opportunity available.  As the peoples who have come before newcomers will adopt our culture in one or two generations at most.  Little Italy is no longer populated by Italian speaking immigrants and in a short time the Little Mexico’s of America will speak only English as well.

Our immigration policy is wrongheaded because it denies people longing to come here that freedom.  We tell the Mexicans today that they must suffer under drug cartels and corruption rather than move to one of the many counties in the US undergoing population loss (about half of our counties lost population between 2000 and 2010).  We have been wrong to subject Mexicans to wither in their own country while welcoming the Irish not that long ago.  Our policy ought to welcome people longing to come here and stake out a better life than that available in their own country.

If our policy was wrong (and I believe deeply that it was) then we should adopt a new policy.  I believe we ought to have a list of ally nations and all citizens of those nations should be welcome to come here and stay as long as they wish without any proof of employment while they are here.  Children of visitors will be assumed to have been born in the country of their parents unless they have a valid US birth certificate.  The only prerequisite for entry will be a valid passport.

There have been three main concerns that I have heard in the immigration debate

1) Numbers and assimilation – Note that if the entire Mexican population moved to the US then whites would still remain a plurality.  Also we should consider that the majority of grandchildren of Mexican immigrants consider themselves Americans (and also largely consider themselves white not Hispanic).  Not Mexican Americans but Americans.  They are already assimilating into our heritage.

2) Jobs – Yes immigrants supply labor at prices less than natives in low skill jobs.  However, that is precisely the reason they came – to work in jobs that pay better than they would receive in their home country.  If the objection is that there are not enough jobs then we need to adopt policies that grow the economy rather than limit the labor force.

3) Welfare – Welfare does need to be fixed.  No non-citizens should be able to receive any monetary payments (or payments in kind like SNAP).  However, just because we have a flawed welfare system does not mean we should adopt an equally flawed immigration system.  Lets fix both.

Let us adopt the same policy by which my ancestors (Germans and Irish) came to the US and also secure the border.  We have substantial flaws in our economic and welfare policies, but that does not mean that we should continue a flawed immigration policy as well.  Fix the policy and enforce it.

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