Simple...Sara Won, Biden Lost !!

Sara Palin clearly won this debate tonight. It was sickening how good old Joe Biden had to resort to outright lies regarding John Mccain’s and his own voting record. Sara’s simple direct message is 100 times more effective than Joe’s canned and rehearsed liberal doctrine. Does America really want to return to the failed policies of yesteryear?? Been there done that. It is time to move forward and John Mccain is the change that this country needs. His platform and policies are different than George W. Bush and definitely different than Barack Obama. I cannot believe that people believe this joke of a message that Barack Obama is only going to raise taxes on 5% of Americans. I have emailed Obama several times during his tenure in the Illinois Congress and in Washington and I can guarantee you that he never waivered one bit. Honestly, this man is as liberal as they come. His policies are socialistic and extremist and do not reflect the free market economic principles that most Americans support.