Joe Wilson; Prophet!

On September 9, 2009 (9/9/09, no wonder something unusual happened, the truth in the House Chamber) Representative Joe Wilson, (R-SC) spontaneously, his words, shouted out, “You lie!”  Obama was speaking on healthcare and when he said t would not cover illegal aliens was when Wilson made his outburst.

Since that time Obama and the liberal left have repeatedly proved the Hon. Mr. Wilson correct in his assessment, “You lie!”

Now in a brazen example of Joseph Goebbels “Big Lie” school of propaganda, repeatedly makes the unsubstantiated charge the US Chamber of Commerce is funneling FOREIGN MONEY from FOREIGN CORPORATIONS, into GOP races.  Never ever ever have I heard an American president utter so many whoppers so often.  AND the real shame of it is he is just as contemptuous of the American people as Goebbels was of the German.

I hope and pray the American people rise up in their mighty wrath and indignation and throw those lying SOBs out of Congress and in two years do the same to this miserable, insulated, school boy trying to command respect and only commanding deserved ridicule.