Repent, Repent, Repent, the end is at hand, I hope.


Well the 44th President of the United States is in his 44th day in office.  Reading between the lines in some discussions on the web and on news channels, I get the impression, there may be trouble brewing in Paradise.  After 44 days in office moderate Democrats, and there are some, ask the 18,000,000 that supported Hillarious and hubby Bill, are finally beginning to see the true BO emerge from the hype and glare. 

“The One. . . ”  When Obama talks, “The Messiah’s absolutely speaking.” “The Saviour”   All of these were terms used to describe the bamboozling BO performed on the American people.  Speaking often and loudly on the “change” he was going to bring to Washington.  No more partisan politics.  I will bring all of us together as Americans he implied.

And in just 44 days cracks have begun to appear in his veil of infallibility.  His clay feet have begun to dance.  Promises made during the campaign are falling almost as fast as the Dow.  He has finally brought transparency out though.  Now even the previously blinded moderate Democrats, those who joined with moderate Republicans during the Clinton administration to bring about “beneficial” change and not this bottomless pit of fear and divisiveness, are seeing him in his true light.  His feet of clay tap dancing around the issues of honesty, integrity and unity. 

So soon they are going to repent of their previously “hopium,” as John Kass of the Tribune calls BO’s brand of demagoguery, induced delusions and return to the real world.  They are going to repent of their sins of believing in a false god.  They are once again going to embrace, reason, logic and real thinking and solve our nation’s problems, in spite of BO and Queen Nancy and the court jester Dingy Harry’s best efforts.  Together with moderate Republicans they will steer the boat back to the middle, from this torturous swing to the left.

If not, I fear for the future of the Republic.