Courage or Lack thereof

The First Casualty of War Is the Truth;

Obama’s first Casualty was Bi-partisanship

The sky will open. The lights will come down. Celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect!”   So said then candidate Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign as BO tried to paint her as a part of the old-style partisan politics he was going to end when he was elected.  It is probably a good thing Hilarious is 15,000 miles away from Washington so no one can hear her chortling over the problems BO has had in his first 30 days trying to live up to “bi partisanship.”

Unfortunately for the American people, I have come to the following conclusion; President BHO is a coward.  Today during the post summit bantering  he said in response to a comment about bringing Speaker Pelosi into the loop on bi-partisanship, “I am not going to get into Congressional prerogatives with the Speaker.”  If I am not mistaken, the President is the “leader” of his party after he is elected.  And as leader he has a responsibility to “lead” in such a way as to be the most beneficial to the party and the country. 

If true meaningful bi-partisanship was one of BO’s primary goals in his campaign for change, then doesn’t he as leader of the Democratic Party, have the responsibility to tell the Democratic Congressional Caucus to behave in a truly more bi-partisan and democratic way?  That means if after quiet conversations with Speaker Skeletor, as my wife calls Ms. Pelosi, if she continues to run the House like she orders her servants around, there will be consequences.  Unless BO gets this woman under some kind of control, the Democrats better be a whole lot smarter than they have showed so far.

What could BO do to Speaker Skeletor?  Well there are a number of things I think he as leader of the party has the power to insist on.  He could have the appropriations committee derail funds for the Speaker’s pet projects in her district.  I am sure there are many House Democrats that would love to have some of the $2M for Mouse Hunt, to spend in their districts.  If that doesn’t work then he could ask for a vote of no confidence for the Speaker and send her back to the well, where she belongs,  And ultimately, if she still doesn’t conform, then he could direct the DNC to be a little less generous in funding her campaigns.  

“But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” as Joliet Jake said.  Our president is a coward.  The lack of moral strength he showed throughout the campaign over issues of race, campaign finance, campaign reform, and simply telling the truth, continues into his presidency.  If he can’t even buckle down and get some modicum of control over his party’s congressional delegations, how can we expect him to behave with courage when Joe’s test comes along.