Without sin Senator Leahy? (D-self serving)

I have finally gotten around to Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)  Senator Leahy is making some serious proposals to “investigate,” read witch hunt, the Bush Administration.  Senator Leahy may wish to reconsider this idea.  Since Senator “Tombstone” Burris, (John Kass’ name for the junior senator from IL because of his massive personal mausoleum in Chicago) has had to admit that Blago’s brother had talks with the Senator.  The subject of those talks was a possible $10,000.00 campaign contribution to or assistance in raising campaign cash for Blago’s war chest.

Governor “deadmeat,” another Kass nickname for Blago, has probably lots tell US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald on his way to a deal for info for time.  Blago knows he is going to go to jail, the question is how long does he want to serve.  I am sure Mr. Fitzgerald has many interesting questions to ask his former honorable governor.  Since Blago and Burris and Durbin and Emanuel and Obama all came from the from the same political day care center, the Crook County Democratic Party, I am sure others would be interested in hearing what Blago has to say about his mentors and playmates.

Now I am sure if Senator Leahy wants a truth commission for “fact” finding about alleged misdeeds during the Bush Administration, some people might be interested in a truth commission to find facts about Crook County’s performance in relation to ethics and legality.

This idea might even catch on.  Average American citizens might start demanding of their elected leaders proof of performance.  It could sweep the country.  While Illinois may the poster child for crooked and corrupt politicians, the other states have their share of dirt hiding under the rug.  In fact Senator, could Vermont politicians avoid mud stains from a closer look at this contract or that road project?  Actually Senator Leahy, this might be a very good thing for the country, sort of a national enema to purge us of corrupt, wasteful and criminal members of our elected bodies.

In fairness I must mention a Republican from Illinois who has been indicted as fallout from the Blago, Rezko and Levine investigations.  William Cellini, former Transportation Secretary under Governor Richard Oglivie, has been indicted on charges he attempted to extort a $1.5M contribution to Blago’s campaign fund.  Yes Cellini, a life-long Republican committed a crime for Governor “deadmeat.”  It is interesting to note, that Cellini is the Executive Director of the Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association.  He is also mentor to Ray LaHood (R-Peo.) the current Transportation Secretary in the Obama administration.  Ray LaHood is the man with his fingers on the purse strings of all those billions and billions and billions of porkulous road construction dollars.  As Fox says “fair and balanced,” we are being raped pillaged and plundered by both Illinois parties.  Think Blago doesn’t know?  Think Obama doesn’t know?  Why else appoint some central Illinois Republican hack to the job?

Go for it Senator, and since we are looking for opportunities at exposing nefarious gains from influence peddling, let’s start with Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, John Kerry, President Obama, and how many others that have received campaign funds or loans or re-fi’s from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Can we do that too Senator?  Or is it just Republicans you wish to persecute?