Why the Donald got it wrong, re: Carrie Prejean

Donald Trump got it dead wrong, when he allowed Carrie Prejean to keep her Miss California crown.  And by this, I’m referrring to him comparing her position on gay marriage to Barack Obama’s.  Pres. Obama’s official position (during the campaign) was to be against gay marriage, but I think everyone knows this is not a sincere, deeply-held position.

For example, Obama came out against Prop. 8 in California.  He said it was “unnecessary and divisive”. Obama will nominate a SCOTUS nominee who is in favor of gay marriage — my bet, anyway.  He’ll surely nominate a flurry of lower-court nominees who support gay marriage.  And he won’t criticize judicial activism in Iowa, etc., mandating gay marriage to a disapproving electorate.  (At least, I haven’t heard him criticize these activist courts, anyway.)

It is true that Obama, when pressed, took a very awkward and uncomfortable position opposing gay marriage during the campaign.  But this was for purely political reasons, to win over wobbly moderate voters.  The Donald is wrong when he compares Miss California’s position to President Obama’s.