It is 2008 and once again the Democrats are telling everyone how they are going to raise everyone’s standard of living by socking the rich. This is pretty much the same promise they have made in every presidential and off year election since FDR. The Dems claim they are the party of the downtrodden in America. They claim they are the last best hope for the nation to raise the poor and working poor up to middle class status.

From 1933 – 2008 a period of 75 years, Democrats have occupied the White House for 40 of those years. You would think in 40 years, they could have made some progress in bringing the American Dream to their constituents. As John Belushi used to say, “But noooooooooooooooooo!” Why haven’t they? If the Democrats were to succeed they would lose their constituencies to the Republicans.

This year I have been ashamed to watch my Senator stand up day after day and lie. He lies about his dealings with Fannie and Freddie. He lies about his associations with convicted felons, convicted terrorists, and bigots. He has taken money from those he is supposed to monitor. Listening to him make a speech and then trying to find out where he stands, is like trying to pin Jello to the wall. And when it comes to foreign policy he even lied about what Henry Kissenger told him about meeting with terrorists and enemies of the United States without pre-conditions.

He is a suit that can make a sweet sounding, intelligent sounding, speech that says ABSOLUTELY nothing. As I said before, he is all shine and no substance.