Vote Fraud Obama style

Palestra.net, the College Network did what none of the major media outlets did, uncovered and reported on “potential” vote fraud in Ohio. One woman interviewed on camera was a driver that was picking up homeless people from the streets and shelters in order to transport them to where they could register, and then vote for Obama. She blatantly said, “I tell them to vote for Obama.” I can only imagine the hew & cry that would rise up like the wailing of demons if the Republicans were caught on camera doing something like this.

The object is to get homeless and poor people to register and vote. Since the rides to the temporary registration locations are provided by Obama backers, guess who they are voting for. Someone in the Ohio court system thought this was a good idea. Sounds like it was someone with ties to the Chicago Machine that gave birth to Obama and nurtured him to the point where Richie may have his very own pet President.