Confession good for the Soul

They say that confession is good for the soul. Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden to be his running mate, I refuse to say Vice President, because Barack is STILL, not going to win. Biden being chosen is a confession by the presumptive nominee for the Democrats to his lack of experience in the area of foreign policy and military affairs.

It is about time he recognized, what most have been saying all along, “Barack don’t know s_ _ _, about being president.” He gives excellent sound bites, but when the bullets are flying he becomes a jibbering incompetent. Witness his news conference in Iraq. I haven’t heard so uh, uh, uh, uh, uhs, since I went to watch a kindergarten reading class. This is from the most eloquent speaker we’ve had running for president in years. But being so close to where real fighting, and real dying were going on must have been too much input for the inexperienced JUNIOR senator from Illinois.

The McCain campaign has made much of the fact that Obama, is not ready to lead. Joe Biden’s selection as running mate confirms, he doesn’t have the experience and knowledge to deal with the bad days, which have suddenly risen up in the world.

It is a mean ol’ world outside the comfort of the Unites States borders. People hate us; they hate what the United States stands for. And low and behold, they want to do us harm. We do not need a president that needs on the job training. The training wheels would get blown off, before they were ever ready to be taken off.

What we do need is someone in the Oval office that knows and understands the various threats the United States faces in the 21st century. A firm hand to guide the ship of state through the perilous times we face. Someone who understands the world at-large, AND the domestic needs of the American people. Someone who has worked for what he gotten understands that real economic growth is only supported by those with the ability to foster that economic growth.

What we do not need is someone that has gotten through life on charm and smooth talk.