Queen Nancy

Mark this day on your calendars, August 1, 2008. This is the day government of, by and for the people took a major hit from Queen Nancy. We need to change her Majesty’s title from Speaker to Dictator. In order to prevent embarrassment to herself and the presumptive nominee for the Dimocrats she slammed the door on the current session of the House for the Labor Day holiday.

Obviously debate on the issue of Domestic Drilling offshore and in the ANWR, are unsafe topics. Too controversial for the American people to hear the debate. Best to have deals made behind closed doors so no one can point a finger at Barack for flip flop worse than a salmon in a bear’s claws.

Not only did Queen Nancy, Dictator of the House, adjourn a MONTH before Labor Day, (being in Congress is a really good job). Then she turned out the lights and turned off the microphones, and shut down the broadcast of CSPAN. THEN she called the Capital Hill Police to throw the Republicans that remained out of THEIR chamber. The place where representatives of the PEOPLE are supposed to debate the issues affecting all of us, not just the Dimocrats.

Was Queen Nancy, Dictator of the House afraid? Was she scared the American people would see democracy in action? By golly we are going to stamp that out. None of that democracy stuff in Queen Nancy, Dictator of the House’s chamber. If Americans want to see democracy, let `em watch the History Channel. If the Dimocrats have their way, it will be the only place left to see democracy.

And where was the media while all of this was going on. One of the responsibilities of a free press is to report the news, honestly, truthfully and completely. Journalism students used to be taught to OBJECTIVELY present the news, giving both sides of an issue equal reportage. That probably hasn’t been seen since Roosevelt’s second term, Franklyn not Teddy.

No where in the Chicago Tribune, the paper that used to have “World’s Greatest Newspaper,” on its masthead, was there any mention of the fiasco in the House Chambers. Not on Saturday, and not on Sunday. NONE of the news organizations on TV or radio had one word about Queen Nancy’s actions. To ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and NBC it must not have ever occurred, because none of them ever mentioned it. Even the Daily Herald, which bills itself as the largest suburban daily in the Chicago area, covering areas in Kane, Lake, McHenry, Dupage, and Cook counties, that are hotbeds of Republican control, had nothing.

From the coverage given the historic event, the death of free speech for our representatives, it never happened. And that is what the media would have you believe. If you didn’t see it, it must not have ever happened. If it wasn’t reported on CNN, it didn’t happen.

Even George Stephanopoulos, on This Week on ABC with Queen Nancy, Dictator of the House sitting right across from him never mentioned her handling of the Labor Day adjournment. Now maybe it was taped before Sunday morning. Maybe it was taped before Friday’s event. But at some point if responsible journalism kicked in there would have been a piece inserted into the broadcast.

Granted, George did hold Queen Nancy’s feet to the fire on the issue of an up and down vote on domestic drilling. He asked ten times why she would not allow it. And ten times she passed, giving some Dimocrat, BS designed to obfuscate the issue.

It is time for this country to wake up and realize if we wish to have “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all our citizens, then it is time to take control of the Congress back from the Dimocrats. It is time to give John McCain, a good man, a decent man, the tools he needs to “secure for ourselves and our posterity” those inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution. We need to wrest control of the Congress away from those that have only the idea of bigger government, higher taxes, and no clue as to the real world dynamics as they exist today.