Who is Barack for?

Back in March there was a huge furor over Barack’s minister, the Reverend Jerimiah White. Barack gave a speech in Philadelphia trying to minimize the damage, but not quite denying the outrageousness of what the Rev. had been saying. In this speech, he said he had not been present to hear the exact remarks, but defended this black bigot by saying he was passionate in his beliefs.

I wrote the following letter to The Daily Herald’s Fence Post on March 28, 2008 after reading Chuck Goudie’s column raving about what a great speech Obama had given and how it was so wonderful and who had not heard their minister priest or rabbi make statements one did not agree with. Chuck is a local TV news reporter for WLS and part time columnist for the Herald. He is another of the news media that are so enamored of Barack they see his eloquence as indication of his intelligence and truthfulness. I couldn’t take this media blindness any longer and wrote the following;

“I have been sitting here reading stories about Obama’s “great speech” on race and racial relations. The speech I saw wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination. One of the talking heads on the Sunday talk shows said it was so meaningful for the voters to hear Obama’s message. In that instance, the speech was meaningful, although, not in the way the candidate or the talking head had in mind.

“It was meaningful for the voters to hear that while the candidate could not condone and he “unequivocally” condemned Reverend Wright’s, dare I say, racist remarks, he is still a member of Rev. Wright’s congregation at Trinity United.

He still seems proud that this black bigot introduced him to Christianity. What kind of skewed separatist view of Christianity does this say the candidate has? He said in his speech that all of us have heard our ministers priests or rabbis speak remarks with which we strongly disagreed. I have never heard of any priest, minister or rabbi anywhere who said HIV/AIDS is a plot of the government of the U.S. to reduce the numbers of blacks in Africa. For this statement alone, the candidate should be totally disabused of this “reverend’s” view of Christianity. Or we voters should be ashamed to pander any further to this hypocritical sophist or to a press (all media included) that thinks this is the stuff of greatness.

It is a sad day for America that the leading voices in journalism can be so bamboozled because we are afraid to appear racially insensitive, when a black minister, the black minister of one of three people in the United States that might be the president says, “God damn America.”

Have we drifted so far from reality in this country that when the emperor has no clothes (no moral base for his position), we take this fertilizer and call it caviar.

Sad indeed.”

At the time everyone said how loyal, and what a stand up guy. No matter how unpopular the sentiments, this was the man that brought Barack to Christianity. Scary thought in and of itself. Barack thought he had put it all behind him with that one speech. He even had the audacity to throw his grandma under the bus to defend this, this Reverend.

And then on April 28, 2008 the Reverend made an appearance before the National Press Club and his association with Obama, came back to bite Barack right on the _ _ _.

On April 29, 2008 an angry Obama stood before reporters and threw the Rev under the bus next to his grandma. He was “outraged.”
The key statement is, “I want to use this press conference to make people absolutely clear that obviously whatever relationship I had with Rev. Wright has changed, he said.”I don’t think he showed much concern for me … and what we are trying to do in this campaign.

“My reaction has more to do with what I want this campaign to be about…. It contradicts the issues that I’ve worked on politically.”

Why did Barack suddenly realize that the Rev’s remarks, “…divisive and destructive, but I believe that they end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate.” The remarks the Rev made before the National Press Club were no different from the remarks the Rev had been making for years from his pulpit. The pulpit of the church Obama has attended since 1992. Evidently not attended too regularly because he said he had never heard the remarks until they hit the internet. Why does he all of the sudden find them, “…divisive and destructive…” Because it was reminding the public that maybe Obama was not who they think he is. It was reminding the public that Barack was close to the Rev, thought of him as a mentor, and friend. It was because Barack’s _ _ _ got gored.

It reminds us that Barack Obama is not a statesman, he has no experience, and he is a Crook County politician with an agenda he will not allow us to know. And finally it reminds us that Barack is for Barack and only Barack.