One thing I learned

When I was a boy, my mother told me that lying was a terrible thing to do, because all you had in life, you could truly call your own, was your good name. So if you lied, you gave up that very special possession. I was not sure I understood at the time how important those words would be in later life.

I was sure however when she told me the more practical reason for not lying. She said, “If you lie, you have to remember what you said.” It didn’t matter if you told one story to one person and another version to someone else, because the one thing that can be counted on is people talk.

So if you stood before reporters in 2008 and said you had a plan to bring the troops home by 2009. He had a plan to bring home a brigade a month. However in April of 2005 on Chicago Tonight on WTTW in Chicago, he said, “… as long as we have troops there, we have to have enough troop strength to insure their safety. In 2007 he said, the troops need to have all the resources they need to get the mission complete.

I guess his mom didn’t teach him about lying and remembering what you said. I realize he comes from Crook County and has learned the “Chicago Way,” as John Kass calls politics in Chicago, but if he wants to be the president of the United States, shouldn’t he at least be smart enough to remember what he said.