Social Policy question


I’ve been thinking about this issue for a long time but I really feel like I need to talk about it so this is why I decided to blog about it.



As a Roman Catholic I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman as God divinely intended and is a foundation of american society in my opinion. Meanwhile I tentatively(sorry for bad spelling)support anyone STRONGLY qualified  to raise a child/children to adopt regardless of sexual orinetation. In addition I believe LGBT children ought to be given special protections if people chooses to target them for SPECIFIC reasons for murder or assault or heinous crimes like that . But to be honest I am somewhat fluid and way open about this tumultuous issue.

In summation my position of LGBT rights is more or less compatible to The Church of Latter Day Saints(see “Salt Lake city LGBT protections).

Now here’s my issue with the issue. When I was young(I actually still am) I was bullied for being different and was considered an outcast and a werido because of these experiences my heart goes out to the LGBT community especially if they can’t help who they are. This is one reason why I support civil unions to an extent. 

Then I have another reason. Suicide. A lot of teenagers kill themselves because they believe being ‘out” causes them to be shunned and ostracized. For me that tears me apart if they wanna be who they are then they should live as they please as their choices.

Other than this I would like to consider myself a moderately religious conservative.I’m pro life, pro abstinence and pro religious freedom and of course pro family. 

Now the issue I have is how to handle my belief on same sex marriage. I mean I know its to have courage and faith and guidance by god but its a little hard. Knowing people commit suicide  over issues like these. And it saddens me to know that they feel equal and less human,. Sometimes I wish we simply didn’t talk about it but I guess this is what one goes through when they have principles. 

Feedback? Advice -P.S I decided to do some public policy posts from now on for those who need a break from politics and want to have some thoughtful red meat discussions. 

Another P.S  and another reason I also did a post was to address this simple(but somewhat selfish) issue I aspire a career in public service to reform the system and improve society for the better but I am concerned my belief may alienate me from such positions(i.e an elected post that may not even address the issue). I know it sounds selfish and I am sorry for my fluidity on this issue.  


And apologies if I offended anyone…