Statement about Weiner resignation and commentary

Ok so I know we conservatives should not nosy into the matters of people’s lives but I feel that I must write about this. Weiner finally resigned ok now the media can go back to discussing the issues and this guy can go get help. Unfortunately as a result of his sins his reputation is ruined and like Foley of Florida he will lose a career that he loved. Before all this happened he appeared on Fox frequently so I respected him appealing his views to a network that happened to be more conservative than he would like. Then when it all began like his friend comedian Jon Steward I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Then we all found out he lied and now he did what was probably best for him and his family. While reading the story I came across an evil comment that posted that due to Weiner’s sin his child should not be born….. That comment concerned me then after using google I came across this 😮


Now I know many of you don’t think highly of the DailyKos but seriously, his wife killing an unborn child because of the scandal the thought of it scares me. Because of him and his sins THIS MAN NEEDS HELP NOT FURTHER PUNISHMENT sorry for my yelling but posts like these display why I cannot ever adhere to extreme liberal thought. The way it slams life and dismisses a child as nothing. It just goes to show how low society can get. I know it is not my business or ours but for me this post inflames my pro life values and inspires me to fight for the right to life. Just exactly how can a child like me protect others who can’t protect themselves. For now I will simply pray and hope and  that Planned Parenthood loses its funding and that Roe V Wade will revert back to the states and that one day one day abortion will be abolished…..