The opportunity of Special Elections

Earlier I reported about the outcomes of two recent special elections one that should be mourned over while the other should be celebrated but both events should serve as lessons. During these elections turnout is obviously low mostly due to the short notice of such events and as a yet they make a golden opportunity for us to gain seats via our activism. Now I know I am only talking about House elections but we need to make an effort for every seat to be a conservative at least republican seat every district deserves to have the chance to choose a conservative and the best chance for a conservative to get elected in swing/liberal districts are via special elections(provided a base that turns out and adequete fundraising both variables which are difficult to obtain in such short notice though)

One of the main reasons for my ranting about special elections is the an election two years ago that could have predicted the 2010 tea party landslide but no it instead signaled how strong the Democratic Party in my home state California. We Republicans could have had a chance to elect the first Chinese American to Congress but no we gave that to the Democrats. Monterey Rep.Chu seems to be a classy woman(I read about her and she doesn’t seem so bad excluding Pro Choice and Big Union views and ties that turn me off) but I would have been more pleased if her cousin in law was elected. Yah this was an interesting election to read about I suggest you check it out here and its links.

I end this diary saying there’s hope and there’s a chance in CA 36th a Mr.Craig Huey is running for Jane Harman’s seat against a LA councilwoman Janice Hahn. Huey a businessman navigated through 6 recessions is a concerned citizen worried about our country’s path like many here. His issue statements often relate about freedom and liberty(for example the net and nutritional freedom. Mr.Huey has the support of Principled and Important California conservatives such as  2010 Senate Nominee Chuck DeVore or Rep.Tom MCclintok. Please support him or at least check him out at his campaign site http://www.craighuey.com/

Thank You for your time