A Debt Free America(only a dream till now hopefully)

Wouldn’t it nice to know that our government kept reserves in our treasury similar to a way a family keeps some savings for a little something. Think of the possibilities…..

One day the government could give all of us workers(well in my case my parents as of now) a tax refund that can be spent on a college savings fund for the kids or a vacation to Disneyland or simply on more groceries

Maybe the Fed can give all our forces a bonus as appreciation for their duty and sacrifice, they definitely deserve it, and maybe a bonus for those Veterans too they deserve it just as much…

A natural disaster strikes a random state at a unexpecting time Emergency Aid via the reserve funds are instantly delivered to the places in need without the need for Congress to draft,pass and approriate bills saving time and maybe lives….

Ahhhh what we can do but….. instead the Political class chooses to bury us in debt catering to the needs of both Coorprate and Union bosses instead of the average joe. Leaving the little guy behind, pillaring the gold of a falling Rome… people are out of work,dreams are put on hold if not killed and families worry for the future. It’s sad we keep borrowing and borrowing from China all while the Tibetans are being oppressed and while they tolerate the savage behavior of their neighbor North Korea.

When I was young I always hoped for a debt free american because when I read books about the US seeing that big debt number worried me and I was still in elementary. To be blunt I have a feeling some people won’t mind seeing a small temporay increase in thier taxes so long that it gives us a balanced budget,more limited government and perhaps most importantly an America without debt. With a conservative House we have a rare but brief opportunity to get our republic back to a path of Fiscal Sanity.