Cry for Corwin but Clap for Craig Huey(and support him)

Hello fellow conservatives though not as important as 2012 the 2010-2011 special elections are golden opportunites for us we already a lost to learn from but in my home Califronia there is a slight opportunity to gain a seat and although CA’s not the easiest place to win at least we have a chance and that may be all we need.

 I’m sure all of you heard of the horrible New York lost and that lost is something all conservatives must learn from but Bellevia is young and we have him for 2012 and if not that then 2014(hopefully). Corwin seems to be a nice women and apparently she’s more conservative than the rest of the NY GOP assembly(according to her scources) perhaps if she still wants to take on the establishment then she can take on Cuomo in 2014 I think we redstaters would love to see a Corwin-Paladino ticket if we get to know more about it.

But while the NY GOP mourns one seat, on the other side of the country my home state California we have an opportunity to gain one seat in a fairly democratic district. It was a godsend for us for Ms.Jane Harman to retire soon and while the jungle primary(CA’s current elctoral system) makes it harder for us conservatives to win we have a victory and his name is Craig Huey.

Mr.Huey has bipartisan support(a must for the CAGOP which only constitutes a third of CA voters with huge segments of independent voters all over the state)  and it appears that he cares about our fight for freedom. Although I only had a brief glance of his site reading about him made my heart flutter. Earlier I read about him on State news and the revelation of him pouring his own money(a lot) made me cringe but when I came across him my heart fluttered and I had another revelation to hm it wasn’t about the money it was about our country. Years of liberal rule have left my state in the balance and even in that balance on the 2010 TP/GOP wave we picked more of the same. Please Redstate electing Huey not only means a slightly stronger conservative House but also a step in reforming Califronia and bringing Regan’s home back to conservative constitutional principles here’s his website and if you like lim PLEASE PLEASE donate or send your support through other means here’s his website


Please the run off is in July we have time we have hope